Zu Rave: Audio and Cool Together at Last!

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by Josh Ray on May 13 '06

 Media Promos Ming+Fs
HE2006 Los Angeles is right around the corner, raining outrageous audio equipment like mana from heaven come June 2-4. Also from heaven, Zu's Rave on opening night is a shining light among the big lineup of jazz and easy listening shows. If you're like me and easy listening is anything but easy, then the Zu Rave featuring the turtable stylings of Ming and FS is the place to be. I've listened to a few of their tracks and it's definitely good stuff.

$10 gets you in the Zu show. Doors open at 9pm, which gives you a perfect amount of time to hit the food and drink halls after the HE doors close for the day. Ming and FS will be doing their thing on a custom Zu rig featuring Druid speakers and 18" subs in Stonehenge-like configuration with your sweet brain being turned to pulp in the center. God, I can't wait. So visit the Zu event page for more details and how too can be one of the coolest people in audio.

Oh, an unlike the rest of the HE show, the Zu Rave promises more varied livestock than the typical "audiophile" breed, if you know what I'm saying. Be there!

Visit the HE2006 registration page to sign up for the HE2006 show and enter the special code "sonicflare" to save $5.


Hats off to the Zu boys for dragging a-philes into the dance music revolution (crash landing circa 1995). Hopefully they will get a massive turnout so next year's event will feature a really exotic lineup. My votes go to Squarepusher, Bitter Sweet, Zero 7, Massive Attack, RJD2, Deadelus, and Goldfrapp. Bring it on guys!
Oh yeah ... that'll be hilarious! Bunch of pasty old a'philes showing up to see what the noise is about, clumping in a corner as a few of the more adventurous scuttle on the floor. Someone finally has the guts to ask the DJ to turn it down a few notches so that they can hear each other's conversation ... swirling cheap wine in clear plastic cups until they discover that it's getting close to their dinner-reservations and they've got to cut bait.