Zu Cable Druid Speakers Win Big

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by Josh Ray on July 12 '05

 Media Loudspeakers 780-Images Druidposter3

The Zu Druids, now in mk4 status, get some hot, hot lovin' from 6Moons Srajan. I would put in a choice quote from his review, something that sums up his feelings for the $2800/pair high-efficiency speakers, but, well, all five pages of his review are chock-full of audio copulation. Yes, five pages of pictures, dissections and factoids all wrapped up in some hot and steamy prose.

Needless to say, Srajan loves the speakers so much he awarded the Druids the "Lunar Eclipse" award. The Lunar Eclipse award is like receiving an Oscar times ten, with the Oscar being the regular 6Moons "Blue Moon" award. In the history of 6Moons, the Druid is one of only two speakers to have won a Lunar Eclipse award (the Gallo Reference 3 being the other recipient) where as regular Blue Moon awards are handed out much like any other mag's awards.

The Druids sport a range of 35Hz to 20KHz and rate at 101 dB sensitivity. Like the Zu Tones, the Druids are available in Black Satin (pictured) or Tokyo Frost (grayish) for the regular price. Additional charges apply to pretty-up your Druids with custom colors, flames or graphics of your favorite American Idol.

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