YG Acoustics at Newport 2015

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by Danny Kaey on June 03 '15

The problem with hosting your own room and hospitality suite is that you just don’t get around too much - even as Eric Johnson was helping as eMCe, I simply didn’t have the time to go to all the rooms I had planned to cover as part of the show.  Alas, I did make it to a few: YG Acoustics was playing several systems, one featuring the big Sonja 1.3 and a smaller system playing the Carmel 2 loudspeaker.  Each had their own unique sound; each embodied YG’s philosophy of speed, accuracy and dynamic agility.  Of course, the Sonja 1.3 setup held its own with life-sized imaging, dynamics and overall gestalt.  Having seen the power of Arian Jansen’s SonoruS Proximity Bass Control System in action (in several rooms at the show and of course in my own digs at the show and at home), I would almost say it’s a prerequisite for any system, show or not.  Did I mention that crooner Dean Martin's Dream with Dean, (DKs inspired Chad Kassem reissue project available here), was playing in just about every room?  Needless to say, the record sold out in an instant.  Well done!

(YG Sonja 1.3 courtesy of GTT Audio’s Bill Parish; YG Carmel 2 courtesy of Alma Audio and Video, La Jolla CA)



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