Wilson Audio Maxx 2 Speakers

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by Josh Ray on August 15 '05

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What better way to kick off the week than with another "BEST SPEAKER EVER!!!" Yes, this time it comes from the ubiquitous Wilson Audio Specialists whose Watt/Puppy is, according to Wilson, the highest selling speaker over $15000. The Watt/Puppy itself runs over $20k while the Maxx 2 goes for a cool $45k and shares many elements with Wilson's massive Alexandra X2 statement speaker that runs $125k.

Well, what more is there to say about claimed perfection? Nothing, actually. But I will say that probably the reason why Wilson sells so many speakers is the fact that their finishes are absolutely gorgeous. So unlike the PMC AML1s posted below, the Wilsons are guaranteed to make your wife happy. And if you don't have a wife, guaranteed to put you well on your way to getting one.

Wilson advertises that they'll match any automotive finish out there, from Ferrari Red to Civic Silver and VW Beetle Blue. No wood for these guys, they're only into color coordinating all your exceedingly expensive toys.

Go check out the review if you are really in the market. Otherwise, visit Wilson for some pretty pictures and start saving your pennies. The Maxx 2 is the best speaker ever...until next week, that is.

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