Where Are the Bad Reviews?

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by Josh Ray on August 08 '05

Where ARE the bad reviews? Good question and Srajan (of ever-growing web publication 6Moons) takes a stab at the answer, arguing that there are simply too many variables to proclaim absolute authority on a piece of gear and, as such, only relative qualities can be obtained.

Of course, that's never stopped Srajan from posting "the best of the best of the best" articles on a regular basis - Gallo Ref 3 is the best under $3000!!! Or is it the Zu Druid? Or DeVore Gibbon 8? Absolute giant-killers, defeating speakers priced in the tens of thousands!!! A little hypocritical? He gets away with it by bringing out the caveat "they're each special in their own way."

And they are special in their own ways. Hell, we've already posted on six different super speakers over $20k and there are probably another three or four dozen over the $20k mark. The difference, as I see it, between super speakers and other pieces of gear is like the difference between sports cars - which is better, Ferrari or Lamborghini? Corvette or Porsche? Mustang or Miata?

It's all personal preference - take a test drive and see what feels better. Any choice you make is going to be a great one, but your tastes are your tastes and you may feel omni-drivers are better than a multi-drivers, horns better than planar panels. But can anyone in their right mind say a Ferrari is a terrible car? An M3 is better than an SLR? Not if they're a legitimate reviewer.

Overall, high end audio is a true luxury, hyper-performance segment where EVERY piece of gear is extravagant and unneeded. And, like any other pre-pubescent macho show-off, there will be fights over what is "the best of the best of the best." I say keep it up because, really, isn't it more fun that way???

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