What precisely is a review?

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by Danny Kaey on March 29 '13

Question mark nothing

Sparked by conversations with fellow scribes, etc. a question I have pondered over for quite a while is the following: what precisely constitutes a review?  Is it the length of text?  If that's the case, look no further than Srajan and his flock at 6moons.  Turn page after page and you still have no clue what the thing sounds like or what it does.  OTOH, minimalist sites like Uncrate seem to do just fine selling warez off simple, minimalistic one-liners.  What, that's not it either?  Hallelujah.  What giveth?  I suppose it boils down to the audience.  Doh.  Want something quick and snazzy?  Look right here, SonicFlare.  Though we sometimes do publish lengthy reviews, most of the stuff is a simple quick hit one paragraph type review.  Want the full monty?  Go to Stereophile, Audiostream or what have you.  Dare if you wish to access 6moons.  Heck, stay here with me at Positive-Feedback.  Best of all.  Stay tuned for more.  Cheers & Happy Easter all!

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