Wavelength Audio Brick and Cosecant Tube USB DAC

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by Josh Ray on October 28 '05

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In my opinion, lossless computer audio and USB transports are the wave of the future and covering the movement are a couple of reviews of the $1750 Wavelength Audio Brick USB DAC from Stereophile and 6Moons. Actually, in a bit of audio drama, Srajan turns down a review of the Wavelength Brick after, as Srajan claims, Wavelength told him how to write the review (though he did write a technical preview). Not too sure what that's all about, but here's to hoping there were no bloody noses.

In any case, the Wavelength Brick is dolled-up with a tiny tube DAC as well as super-simple operation -- plug the USB end into your computer and the RCAs into your pre-amp and you're good to go.

Wavelength also makes the gorgeous $3500 Cosecant tube USB DAC ($10,000 for the silver version). Click [READ FULL ARTICLE] to see a picture. The Cosecant upgrades most every aspect of the Brick as well as shows off some of the best industrial design ever to grace USB.

Check out Stereophile if you just want a quick rundown on what this USB DAC thing is all about. If you're into the technical side of the USB revolution, check out 6Moons for copious details. No comparisons yet to other USB options out there, but we'll keep you updated.

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