Wanna have more fun with your iTunes? by Sandy Greene

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by on November 27 '06


I got a little sidetracked last night… flashbacks abound. (Maybe I was subconsciously effected by that new Tetra art?) Was listening to Mr. Scruff’s, “Trouser Jazz” via iTunes on my Mac Mini. The music pushed me to tickle iTunes’ Visualizer function. Whoa… a perfect mix of trippy, beaty, meaty electronica and an optical experience to match.

The visualizer in iTunes is much better than it used to be… more varied, more creative, less repetitive, more addictive. I was drawn in… my kids were completely hypnotized. I opened up my browser and typed “iTunes Visualizer” into Google. I found a couple of winner plug-ins that take the iTunes Visualizer in new and unique just as entertaining directions. All different flavors for all different types of music. Add another dimension to your music enjoyment. Here’s a list of some of my favs:

Ultragroovalicious: for rock & electronica
Volcano Kit: for the analytical side in you
Fountain Music: for the mellow variety
NastyFFT: still analytical are you?

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