VTV EXPO - Welborne Labs

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by Josh Ray on November 22 '05

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You're looking at the prototype Welborne Labs Cogent Field Coil horns. Now, you may look at the picture and not truly appreciate how huge these horns really are. Try almost 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Someone said they were just a bit too big for the small hotel room. No joke, you practically had to sit inside the horn to listen to them. Welborne did try to get a ballroom for their demo but, alas, only the crackerbox was available.

Needless to say, it was a miracle they got the speakers in the room in the first place. Also shown are the Welborne Ultrapath BP battery powered preamp at $1700 and the 45 Star Chief monoblocks at $2390. A Carver sub took over below 60Hz.

Maybe next time the hotel will be kind enough to lend their atrium for Welborne's demo. Here's to hoping.

Welborne Labs

UPDATE: Yeah, maybe the dimensions were a touch over-exaggerated. Dimensions are as follows: total unit 69" high, bass horn 33.5" wide, midrange horn 32" wide and total depth 43". Thank goodness they didn't bring their horn subwoofer -- 120 cubic feet with an 18' path of front-loaded power.


Josh, how common is battery-powered high end equipment at expos? I have read that batteries have noise of their own.
Hey Henry, The vast majority of companies don't use bat-power. But those that do really boast the ability to eliminate a lot of the garbage coming out of your walls. Red Wine Audio prides itself on battery-modding a lot of different equipment for great results. As for the additional noise from batteries, I've never really come across that. Batteries are usually described as lowering the noise floor and such. Companies like Audiophile APS make pure battery power conditioners to completely disconnect your system from the grid (check out the "power conditioner" section). Pretty cool stuff.