VTV EXPO - VRS Audio Systems

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by Josh Ray on November 25 '05

The VRS room was one killer combination of cutting-edge digital tech and classic tube components. The VRS Revelation is a $9800 hard drive based music server with 600 gig HDD, wireless keyboard and completely custom interface. This room was almost always packed with people passing around the keyboard like it had medicinal properties. And not having to get off your lazy ass to change tracks doesn't hurt either...

Also in the room were blue Zu Druids and the Sophia Loren of components, Shindo. People were just raving about this combination. No doubt, the $16k Catherine mono preamps and $17.8k Shinhonia monos ain't cheap and the VRS System is all about tapping the ease of digital consumption combined with audiophile-approved equipment. You can pull tracks straight from iTunes music store or from Music Giants lossless downloading. You can, of course, rip your own tracks, download album art and information and organize to your heart's content. To flush out this best of the best system, the $2650 Power Wing by Audio Excellence AZ took care of the power conditioning.

VRS Audio Systems
Shindo Labs
Zu Cables
Audio Excellence AZ




Nice to see the gear. We had so much fun spinning bits and playing music, not to mention talking about audio and jazz musicians! John Hughes VRS Audio Systems