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by Josh Ray on November 28 '05

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Tonian Labs showed their new TL-D1 and TL-D2 speakers at VTV with the TL-D1 playing the music. The TL-D1 is wrapped in unfinished Baltic birch and sports an 8" full-range Fostex driver and the same ribbon tweeter found in Tonian's stand-alone $950/pr TL-R1 super tweeter. Keep reading for more.

The comments coming out of this room were polarized - some loved it, some not so much. Whatever the case, the presentation was definitely something to be heard. A custom recorded drum piece nearly gave people heart attacks it hit so hard and fast. Interestingly, people kept asking "is this SACD?" and Tony of Tonian Labs would chuckle to himself and shake his head. Definitely a product to watch, one giant in the audio world loved what he heard and may be getting a pair himself...

Price for the Tonian TL-D1 is $1500/pair or $1300/pair unassembled. 42-40k Hz 95dB 8ohm is what you get. The TL-D2 sports a 6" Fostex driver and slightly lighter bass for $1300 or unassembled for $1100.

Tonian Labs

Shown below are Tonian's custom PHY-HP speakers. The bottom coaxial speaker sports a range of 30-30k Hz. Price? "Expensive." Sadly, we didn't get to hear them play.

Also shown are the Supra cables from Sweden and Tonian's TL-NFSM monitor (the yellow bookshelves next to the TL-D1 and D2) priced at $3450.

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