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by Josh Ray on November 23 '05


New guys on the scene, Rex Speakers premiered two new models at the VTV expo. First up is the Subster/BB package specifically for iPod and computer use. $899 includes all cabling, amplification and a choice of woods -- maple, cherry or walnut. Speakers sport exotic bamboo drivers out of Taiwan. Keep reading for more on this unique company and their statement boXXer tour-de-force.

You know you're not dealing with your regular audio company when you see the engineer sporting a wallet chain. The $4400 boXXer uses double 4" bamboo drivers, central tweeter and an unusual base system using double woofers, one top firing, one bottom firing, all powered by an outboard 300 watt BASH amp (shown to the right of the speaker). 92 dB sensitivity for 27Hz to 22kHz. Amplification came from the Tono integrated amp by Charlie of Vacuum Tube Valley. Fresh out of the box, a number of people thought these speakers were providing some of the best sound at the show.

re:X Speakers



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