VTV EXPO - Imagine HiFi

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by Josh Ray on November 28 '05

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The Imagine HiFi room got a lot of love for their Almarro/Cain & Cain combo. General raves revolved around the $800 Almarro A205A integrated with 4.5 stereo watts and the big brother Almarro A318B at $1850. When the $1500 Abby speakers and $1500 Baily subwoofer were running, a number of people gave the old "which speaker is playing?"

A number of people said the Abby/Almarro combo was best of show. The Gallo Reference 3 speakers took over for a little while for excellent results while the big i-Bens came in at one point. Also shown but not played were the Almarro M11 bookshelf speakers.

Imagine HiFi

UPDATE: Speakers shown are not the I-Bens, but the smaller IM-Bens. Also, the Abby speakers are shown with maple, a $500 extra charge. Prototype cables from Imagine HiFi's Paul Lim hooked it all together.

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Almarro A318B below.

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