VTV EXPO - Gini Systems

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by Josh Ray on November 23 '05

Gini Systems didn't shy away from bringing their entire lineup of JAS Audio and Audio Space products to the show. They were rocking their $3750 JAS Orsus speakers (40Hz - 60kHz) running off of the $3290 JAS Array 2.1 integrated amp bypassed to the $2290 JAS 1.1 preamp. Keep reading for the rest of Gini's carnival of imports.

Below are the massive Audio Space Reference 1 monoblocks. 75 watts of triode push-pull, the beasts from Japan supposedly have received amazing reviews from their homeland. Though hard to tell from the picture, the Reference 1s are as big as a Hummer and adorned with enough shiny bits to make 50 Cent blush. Price is $20k for the pair. Also shown are the JAS Orsa speakers.


Below is the $990 Audio Space Mini-2004 integrated amp. Someone said the Minis were just too cute. Seriously, don't be surprised if you see a Hello Kitty-branded Mini in the future. You think I jest, but in addition to green, white and black, there is also a pink version shown in the Audio Space catalogue. 13 stereo watts, the Mini also sports a headphone jack in the back.

Gini Systems


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