VTV EXPO - DeHavilland

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by Josh Ray on November 21 '05

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DeHavilland was rocking their extremely popular $3995 Mercury 2 Cascode preamp and $5995 IOS stereo amp with 25 SET watts. Slimming in black, the $4000 Hyperion 938 speakers were doing that thing they do - kicking ass and taking names.

One group of guys thought this room was the best. Luscious sound, they kept screaming "the bass, THE BASS!" I don't know if it was because of the DeHavilland/Hyperion combo or their own personal problems, but whatever the case, the room was well-loved.

Interestingly, source was the Sony SCD 1. Not so interesting by itself, but combined with other rooms, Sony had the biggest presence in the show. Guys, come on. This is the VTV "More Esoteric than Lint Collecting" EXPO. The least you could have done is gone with something a little more exotic than Sony.


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What are those speaker cables? They look like water pipes. :)
I forgot the name of the cables but, yeah, they're monstrous. Interestingly, many different cables are that big -- Freud what now? In a couple of days I'll be posting on a VonSchweikert demo where the cables used were 5 inches wide and flat like a tiny copper Slip and Slide.
I meant the inter-connects. But yeah. :)
The fat RCA cables are made by Prana Wire, These are truly some of the finest cables built on the planet. They really do make a big difference in sound for the better!!! george Kielczynski deHavilland