VTV EXPO - AudioKinesis

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by Josh Ray on November 28 '05

 Img517 1460 Audiokinesis14Ea

AudioKinesis rocked their new $1900 Cheetah "mini-fridge on a stand" speakers. Sporting double Fostex full-range drivers front and back, the Cheetah also has double powered bass drivers on the front and a super tweeter on the back (picture next page). Pretty insane package of drivers, lots of people liked this demo. Amps were the tiny NuForce 8b monos.

Look closely and you'll see a little misting fountain with colored lights AudioKinesis was selling at the show for $49. Yes, they did sell one to a guy who was seen wondering around Saturday cradling his new "mood-enhancing" tweak. And, who knows, maybe this trend of selling unrelated products will catch on. Don't be surprised if at CES you see rooms selling lava lamps, churros and fake Rolexes.


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