Vivid Audio G1 Giya Super Speaker

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by Josh Ray on December 22 '07


Well, hello there, beautiful! Vivid Audio's new $54,000 Giya G1 super speaker will be, without a doubt, one of the most talked about speakers this coming year. With its wild design and automotive paint finishes, the Vivid Giya isn't for stuffy audiophiles but serious hi-fi fans who have a passion for sound, style and the good life. Kanye, we know you read SonicFlare. Time to crack open the piggy bank.

The new Vivid Giya will descent upon the masses at the upcoming CES in January. The Giya, as Vivid's top of the line speaker, takes their patented technologies to the max. From the custom drivers to the supercar-derived cabinet construction, the Giya builds off designer Laurence Dickie's work at B&W creating the famed Nautilus series of super speakers. Laurence Dickie is not unlike Carol Shelby and his new hot rod is sure to get people all fired up.

 Images Product Categories B 1000At CES, the Giya will be presented with a bevy of Luxman's top-tier B-1000 and C-1000 electronics. We recently covered the Vivid/Luxman system at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest where it walked away with rave reviews. Check out our coverage for more about the Vivid/Luxman sound and why it won the SonicFlare Superstar Award.

While we haven't heard the new Vivid Giya speakers, we have heard their little brother speakers, the K1 and B1. It's possible that the Giyas will sound differently, but, most likely, they'll simply take the beloved Vivid sound to the proverbial next level. Using our Sonic Circle to analyze the sound, the Giya speakers, when combined with Luxman amplification, will be a Vivid-type system (yes, the "Vivid" name and Sonic Circle "Vivid" category are the same). See our analysis of the K1/Luxman system for all our notes. Suffice it to say, Vivid/Luxman is one great pair that will have many journalists and hi-fi fans raving.

So what's the story on the big twirl up top? All of Vivid's speakers are made using advanced, patented cabinet construction and bass loading. Where the smaller speakers use double drivers on the front and back of the speaker in a bipole radiating fashion, the new Vivid Giya's dual 12" woofers are mounted, as you can see, on the sides with their magnets mechanically coupled. The big twirl is used to load the bass and prevent audible standing waves. The bass of the smaller Vivid K1 speaker was, at the RMAF show, absolutely amazing, especially considering the size of the room and the low 30 watts of power. The Giya, at four times the volume, should be a bass giant.

Additionally, Vivid's new bass woofers, like the rest of their patented drivers, are designed in-house and built from aluminum and use a unique short coil, long gap magnet construction. The tweeter and midrange domes use Vivid's patented tube loading to achieve reduction in back waves and superior performance.

Stay tuned for our coverage and analysis of the Vivid G1 Giya at CES. And if you're interested in purchasing a pair, visit the North American importer On A Higher Note. The first 100 owners worldwide will receive a miniature 1:4 scale Vivid Giya statue crafted out carbon fiber and presented in a custom, engraved case. Also, if you're at CES, be sure to check out On A Higher Note's room in the Mirage penthouse featuring the Giya/Luxman super system.

Frequency Range: 23Hz to 44kHz (30Hz - 40kHz +/- 2dB)
Sensitivity: 91dB, 6 ohm nominal, 4 ohm minimum
Power handling: 800 watts
Weight: 154lbs
Size: 67"h x 14"w x 31.5" d


OK, Josh, I'll bite: How much?
Bite away: the Giya speakers are 54 grand. For reference, the Vivid K1 speakers are $20k a pair.
Are those speakers or elf shoes? I guess if you have the money to buy them you don't have to worry about the WAF. Maybe I am just proving my small town likes but those are hideous.
Apparently the designer has a hungry following as the word in the hifi biz is that the first 17 pairs were sold based upon the initial renderings and design brief-WOW! ...what recession? It does figure though because that bow-tie sportin' Philip chap is the guy that put Halcro on the map. Can't wait to search them out at CES!
I really don't know what to make of their looks. On one hand, I can kinda see the vague resemblance to the original Nautilus, given the designer. On the other hand, I expect Barbara Eden to pop out at any moment.
Hi Torque, that is interesting about 17 pairs already sold and, yes, Philip knows what he's doing. If you see me at CES, come say "hi." As for looks, I'm of the mind that speakers can't be too wild and extreme. After all, how many generic oak boxes are out there? I'd rather have a wild creation that speaks to its price than a generic box that people confuse with Polk. Oh, and I'm sure these speakers will look much better in real life. Tiny pictures on the internet never do products like these justice.
I have personally known Philip for 17 years and can say that he is the perfect gentleman. He deserves more respect than "that Philip chap" As for His Speakers, they are some of the best in the world if you get the to chance meet him you will understand what i mean. Congratulations Phil, will give you a call soon. Regards Stuart Angus
hah! "....the Vivid Giya isn't for stuffy audiophiles but serious hi-fi fans who have a passion for sound, style and the good life. Kanye, we know you read SonicFlare..." Now, all you need is a picture of Al Pacino, and/or a Scarface Movie poster and they will fit in on a MTV Cribs special.
Mr. Angus, considering how Torque had nothing negative to say, you really, really need to lighten up, especially since you're not the subject of the discussion. I'm sure if you ask him, Philip could care less if anyone referred to him as "that Philip chap". How obsequious can you be?
"the Vivid Giya isn't for stuffy audiophiles" Funny how there is at least one of the commentors above that might fall into this category. I like some of the latest funky transducer boxes the Kef Muons are damn sexy. The Sonic Weld stuff is pretty sweet also. These just happen to look like they should be in the background of a Sprockets skit from SNL.
Fantastic design, form follows function. If these are elf shoes or whatever else one might choose, then most of the other louspeakers are nice veneered coffins or metal robots gone wrong. Now the only hitch is that you need a fabulously done up, ultra sexy interior and house to put them in. would love to see a pair in oyster grey.
They better sound good cuz they're ugly.
Joe, MrSatyre if you have met Mr. Stuart Angus, the picture of stuffy audiophile becomes sooo clear! :-) No Philip is a great guy and you are right, "that Philip chap" wont bother him. I admire his drive and the speakers Vivid designs. Cant wait to listen to Giya!
fantastic design with the mind of a great audio engineer behind it ... now I know why I buy a lottery ticket.