Vinyl VW Bus Turntable

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by Josh Ray on June 26 '06

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This little VW bus is actually the world's smallest vinyl playback system. Here's what happens: the bus travels in circles around the vinyl on its cute little wheels and a "stylus" on the underside sends the signal to a battery-powered sound system and a speaker on the top.

Go check out the video demonstration of this thing. It's actually a lot more amusing than you'd imagine. I've seen these for sale before, but the link appears to be purely for demonstration purposes. You can go here and purchase one for $100. They call it the "vinyl killer" and comes in pink so, yeah, be afraid. Be very afraid.


There is also a "bling" version, covered in Swarovski crystals, for the filthy rich who feel the urge of destroying Dad's out-of-print MoFi and Shaded Dog LPs with style. These things were already around when I was a kid, though. Yes, it's been a while :D
Yeah, these things have been around for at least a decade. Maybe even longer. If you've ever seen the documentary "Skratch", you can see DJ Qbert playing with one.