Vibrapod Isolation Devices

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by Josh Ray on July 13 '05

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Here's a tweak that's cheap enough for owners of everything from $20k amps down to xBoxes and $150 DVD players: the isolation device. There are lots of isolation devices around - some cheap, some ridiculously expensive - but none have gotten as much attention as the Vibrapod. Vibrapod offers two products: the Pod and the Cone. The Pod is a little rubber saucer while the Cone is pictured above. Both work fine but the reviews usually state that when the two are combined, they form a deadly duo of isolation, vastly improving the clarity and sharpness of your audio or video gear.

Yeah, yeah, you say. Isolation is bunk. Don't believe me? Buy the little buggers and return them in 30 days if you're not satisfied (doubtful). Oh, and the price is only 8 bones for either a Pod or Cone. You'll need a total of six per component (3 Cones and 3 Pods) which will run you...calculator...48 big ones. Oh, and the Pods are weight-specific - buy Pods for the wrong weight and you'll throw their mojo way off.

Vibrapod Home [Product home with tons of reviews]


I have just installed combined pods and cones on my valve amp and dvd player, and the difference is very, very obvious. Within about 2 seconds of firing up some music, I could tell. Definitely more accurate bass, more detailed mid range, and the sound image is much more precise and focussed. Well worth it, in my opinion.