Vegas07 Chameleon Speakers: King Sound

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by Josh Ray on January 15 '07

 Mg 4026-1

Shock your friends and family with the new King Sound Emperors! Just imagine the looks on their faces when you reveal that your new Asian-themed room dividers are actually $32,000 electrostatic panels from China! Ah, yes, good times...

So how'd they sound? Big. Really big. See that EXIT sign high up on the wall? That's where the voices were coming from. King Sound has an entire lineup of similarly stealthy speakers and are looking for retailers far and wide to pick up their products.

More pics next page of the various Asian stylings available from King Sound.

 Mg 4029

 Mg 4024


Those look like the big Jolidas on the floor, in the top photo. Were they running them full-range?
Those were Jolida's. They were full-range. I couldn't tell how many of the panels were playing. The sound was very transparent, quick and clean. But also very lean.
Actually, with the right dealer network, I think those things can sell. Maggie sold as many Tympanis (another three-panel speaker, but with plain "grilles") as they could make, way back when (about 25-or-so years ago). If these sound anywhere-near as good as Tympanis did, they might represent the product of least resistance, insofar as selling their purchase to the wife (or significant other who can't stand seeing large speakers in their house). If I had those, maybe my listening room wouldn't have to be sequestered.
Wow the panels look really thin - much thinner than other ESLs. I wonder what the other models are like.
This got to be one of the best good looking ESL to come down the line I listen to a drum solo that was outstanding, some body in the USA need to carrie this line.