Vegas07 Booth Babes: A Retrospective

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by Josh Ray on February 06 '07

 Mg 4149

SonicFlare, where the show coverage never ends! One hot topic among CES goers is the booth babes. Usually the conversation revolves around which rooms are a "must see." Of course, babes isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of audio shows, but there are always a few savvy manufacturers who hit the Vegas yellow pages for some traffic-building PR.

Now, normal electronics companies use copious amounts of BBs to attract the loveless journalists who are far more interested in the flashing smiles than the latest 1080 DLP. In the hifi ghettos of Vegas, women are so rare I nearly dropped my complimentary Vegas Joe when, upon entering the Vincent Audio room, I was met by Brittany (or was it Mandy...Nancy, maybe?).

Naturally, I had to interview her for journalistic purposes. Brittany has mucho Vegas show experience and knew how to smile at the right times to get the crowds in the door. Did it work for Vincent Audio? Not really. "The guys here are kinda like the guys at the normal electronics show...only older." Alas. Where the visitors over at the main show tend to holler obscenely and throw dollar bills at the BBs, the crowds at the hifi home just walked by lovely Brittany as if she didn't exist. I should know, I watched for quite a while.

Suffice it to say, I don't remember a thing about the Vincent Audio room. Check out the plethora of other show reports if you really care. But Brittany was great and didn't even blanch when I asked her about macrodynamics.

The other room with a booth babe was Haliaetus (picture below). People, this is not the woman to hire. Unlike Brittany above, the Haliaetus babe was truly the worst person imaginable to provide audio information. She was very attractive in an Angelia Jolie kinda way, but, god...this is the real conversation: Me: "What am I looking at?" "Speakers." I stare at her for a second -- she's dead serious. "Yeah...and?" "What?" "What kind of speakers are these?" "Haliaetus." "Okay, do you have any lit?" "What?" "Literature." "What do you mean?" "Paper with information about the speakers on it." "Uh, let me check."

So while she's checking, a couple guys walk in. She never does return with lit, and never informs me of her failed quest. So one of the new guys asks: "what am I looking at?" "Speakers." "You're kidding! God, I couldn't tell! Wow, speakers! Shocking, considering this is an audio show! And I've never seen a speaker before! You don't say! OH -- MY -- GOD!" She takes a moment to respond. "Your sarcasm is not appreciated." And then we all had a good laugh. Except her, of course.

At that point, I wasn't even going to bother asking her to pose with the speakers. She retreated to a corner and folded her arms while the rest of us took pictures and talked shop.

The only other BBs I saw were in passing -- two skinny 18 year olds wearing nothing but Vicky Secrets and smiles cruising down the halls of THE show. Or they the could have been show-goers, who knows.

That said, I think audio should really be pushing this hip, main stream angle. I'm not a big fan of ridiculous amounts of flesh piled on audio equipment (like those blasted car audio companies with their big booths and real revenue), but there's something to be said for an exciting presentation, smiles and obligatory small talk. Even if it is prepaid.

Keep reading for Brittany in her full-length glory...and some Vincent speakers.

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I walked into that Haliaetus room and sat down behind a dude with a mohawk. My plan was to take a picture of the speakers, getting his mohawk in the frame, lit from behind. I did this; it worked out fine. After taking the shot, the dude turns around and says to me, "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?" I, thinking my Stereophile creds are finally paying off, casually respond, "Well, you might've seen me around. I'm Stephen Mejias, from Stereophile." The dude shakes my hand, gets up from his seat, takes the seat beside me and whispers into my ear: "Listen man, I'm just bullshitting you. I need to ask you a favor. I've got five dollars in my pocket right now, and they're yours if you'll leave the room and go stand outside, making sure no one else comes in. I wanna ask this chick out." He motions to the BB. A delicate smile blooms across his face. All sorts of Las Vegas hope and desperation illuminate his dark eyes.
That's classic! So, did you take the guy's money? (and I can't wait to see that picture)
What do you expect from a company that named itself after bad breath. Oh wait, that's halitosis. Oh well, close enough....
>So, did you take the guy's money? I shook his hand and said: "Alright. No problem." We waited for the room to empty out. There was only one other showgoer present at the time. I followed him out the door and into the hallway, where I stood watch, waiting for the mohawked dude to make his move. I believe this all happened on the last day of THE Show, so, fortunately for me, traffic was slow. I did, however, step up and warn a couple of potential intruders, "They're conducting a private listening session right now." I suffer from anxiety as it is, so this was kind of killing me. It was taking longer than the five minutes the mohawked dude had specified. At the same time, I was very curious about how he was doing. I heard laughter - a good sign. I heard something about phone numbers. I heard something about times. Finally, the mohawked dude came out. He wore a poker face, and extended his wallet, ready to fulfill his part of the deal. I waved him off, "You don't have to pay me." "Are you sure?" "Yeah, no worries." "Alright, then," he started to walk away. "Thanks so much. And, if you want to know: She did. And she said yes." She did what?, I wondered. I congratulated him with a thumbs-up. And he was gone.
Ahh... Vegas.
What happens to a guy with a mohawk, stays with the mohawk.
>What happens to a guy with a mohawk, stays with the mohawk. Sadly, or funnily, the story does not end there. Later in the day, I stopped by to see Anton and Big Mike of NFS Audio for some good music, conversation, and homemade limoncello (delicious!). Just before I left, I told Anton the story of the mohawked one. Anton gave me a look. A curious look, a look that expressed a deeper understanding. Anton knew the mohawked dude! "Oh, you know that guy?!" I exclaimed. "He came to our room a few hours earlier. He sat down, a bit upset, and told me he needed a beer. I asked him what was wrong. He told me about the hot chick in the Haliaetus room." "He did?" I said. "Yeah. She turned him down." "She turned him down?!?!" !?!?! I was shocked. I should have taken the money. No, I'm kidding about the money. I felt badly for our mohawked friend, but I was surprised to learn that he'd lied to me. Fin.