Vegas07 Biggest Hype: Magico

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by Josh Ray on January 12 '07

 Mg 4058

Magico's Alon Wolf, a man who, for years, remained in the dark reaches of audiophilia doing custom commissions for various wealthy clients, has found a taste for the big leagues and unleashed a number of new speakers. With his monster reviews at TAS, many people were hyped up to see what was new from the house of the $22k bookshelf.

Well, that $22k speaker is now $26k. Yup, the Magico Mini (above) is in version 2 status and sports a brand spanking new custom driver that has a claimed 14 patents pending. Said to be made by the same company that manufactures helicopter blades, the driver utilizes nano-carbon-composite fibers strong enough to withstand a good ol' stomping but is as light as a spring breeze.

Also new is the V3 speaker (below), coming in at $22k. The V3 rocks the same nano drivers as the Mini but in a floorstanding model. A less complex cabinet makes for the lower price. Also demoed were the V6 speakers (bottom) with a monster extruded aluminum chassis. Price is way, way up there.

As for sound, many people liked what they heard but a couple people didn't think the Magicos had the same magic as CES06 (when they were absolutely stellar). Vanity shots of the drivers next page...

 Mg 4051-1

 Mg 4048-1

 Mg 4053
 Mg 4049


Something was "missing" from the Magico room... the "magic" was gone from the room they had last year...
The magic was missing because the CAT amps were missing.