Vegas - Von Schweikert, darTZeel, VAC

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by Josh Ray on January 12 '06

Img 0668

Von Schweikert was in full force at CES/THE with a big room at THE showing the newish VR-7 SE ($36k) with VAC equipment. Over at CES, big '05 sensation darTZeel rocked his new preamp with the bigger VR-9 SE ($60k) speakers (pictures next page).

Strangely, the smaller VR-7s were in the larger room while the monstrously huge VR-9s were in a smaller abode. The VR-9s sport levels for bass as well as ambience tweeter so room size becomes less of an issue. And boy do they work - pretty impressive demos all around.

Img 0880

Img 0670

Img 0667

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