Vegas - Vivid and Pathos

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by Josh Ray on January 13 '06

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South African speaker company Vivid (we covered them before) joined forces with Italian Pathos to put out some rocking sound. A woman stopped me in halls of CES and said, "you've got to listen to the Vivid Pathos room!" Once I overcame my shock of seeing a woman at CES, I attempted to give the Vivid/Pathos rig a listen but ended up in a conversation about the future of this crazy industry with the Vivid and Pathos guys. The tragedy of CES is, of course, it's only 4 days long. I could have spent an evening of sushi and drinks with many of the great people I met, not to mention hanging out in each room, spending time with the great gear. Alas.

In any case, the Vivid K1 speakers go for $20k a pair and Pathos' line of sexy InPower components provided the goods. If the buzz is any indication, expect to see great things from these guys in the near future. Close up pics next page...

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Josh, I wonder how important a role music selection plays in impressing the visitors to these listening rooms. So how did the speakers sound? Was it a $20,000 sound or some other dollar amount?
I must be honest, it was only about $19,995 worth of sound. Lucky, I had a handful quantum dots in my wallet I keep for emergency purposes which, when liberally applied, eeked out the last $5 from the system. Thank god for small miracles.
It makes me wonder though, if someone plays, say, a fantastic balanced high energy melody on a speaker with $12,456.32 sound at one of these exhibits, whether that would elicit a much more favorable reaction than listening to some dissonant music on $20,000 sound speaker.