Vegas - Tri and Micropure

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by Josh Ray on January 10 '06

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Tri (Triode Corporation Japan) and Micropure exhibited their goodies at Alexis Park, showing off a slew of new and cool equipment. Tri is, obviously, all about tubes. They demoed their new TRV-35se integrated (45 watts x2, $1800), TRV-CD2 cd player ($1800) and the big boy 88 Signature integrated (75 watts x2, $5000).

The speakers from Micropure are new prototypes facing a few hurdles before going into production. They use full range drivers with a super tweeter for 65-100k Hz. Without the super tweeter, they go for $800 under the Studio name. The super tweeter is from MuRata which got a lot of love this last year. MuRata is putting up a bit of a battle with dropping the price of the tweeter and, thus, forcing the price of the speakers up to $3000 a pair.

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I would be keen to hear your impresions on the sound of the various Tri (Triode Corporation Japan) and Micropure gear please.
Terry e-mail me if you want to listen to Tri Products from Japan.