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by Josh Ray on January 16 '06

Img 0705Continuing my CES/THE coverage of showcasing only the rooms that sparked my juvenile interests, Alon Wolf of Magico was definitely interesting to talk to about his more-expensive-than-sin speaker lineup. To put it simply, this guy knows his stuff and makes no qualms about bringing a cutting-edge angle to the high-end world. His background includes advising on CAD operations for those CG projects that pour so frequently out of Hollywood these days. Naturally, with the most advanced tools and parts money can buy, his wares aren't cheap.

His $20k Minis (shown) blew up the Asian scene and are scheduled to take off in states any day now. On the next page is a shot of his larger Reference speakers milled out of giant slabs of aluminum. Alas, the $229k Ultimates didn't make it to the show for the simple fact that they couldn't fit in the room. I'm told one proud owner of the Ultimates has such a tiny listening room that the Ultimates are only inches away from both the side walls and ceiling with about 5 feet between them. Chalk up another win for active crossovers and the Ultimate's custom room correction from DEQX since the setup, I'm told, sounds spectacular. If the Minis are any indication, I don't doubt it.

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