Vegas - Harbeth, Naim, Redpoint

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by Josh Ray on January 12 '06

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British legend Harbeth showed off prototype speakers for their 30th Anniversary. Price will be around $8000 when they go on sale and, I believe, will be Harbeth's only floor standing model. Naim provided the rest of the goodies except for the shiny turntable from Redpoint.

Naim and Harbeth also had a little setup in the lobby of THE next to the A5 desk (which I'll cover a little later on). The system had a package price around $3000 and ran off an iPod complete with a special Naim iPod power supply. The whole idea was to show how you can get great sound for a relatively little amount of money. Pretty cool stuff.

Update: Price correction.

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$3k for these has to be wrong, price-wise. this is the same pair of floor standers they were showing last year (albeit with some crossover revisions I am sure), and even then the talked-about-price was $10k.
You were right, they're 8 grand, not 3. Thanks for pointing it out.