Vegas Hangover

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by Josh Ray on January 12 '07

 Mg 3878

The Vegas festivities are over and a lot of cool new gear made an appearance. The next few weeks here at SonicFlare will be devoted to taking an in-depth look at the most exciting and freaky audio products to come out of Vegas.

If you didn't know, the show moved to the swanky Venetian hotel and casino. Floors 29 and 30 held the bulk of the audio rooms while a few bigger manufacturers (like Pioneer, Kimber, Sumiko and Gallo) rocked massive suites higher up. If you're not a high roller, know the Venitian suites are the size of a football field.

The rest of the Venetian rooms were acoustically stellar with their crown molding, thick drapes and bi-level layout. But then there was the conference rooms. Bigger than the hotel room, each conference room was actually just half of a conference room with a mobile partition separating the two halves. The partition was more like a corrugated cardboard wall and leaked sound like crazy. Manufacturers were swearing left and right while their neighbor demoed canon firing or even engaged in conversation. It was that bad.

Overall, the Venetian was a mixed bag. Separating the conference rooms from the main floors meant the conference rooms received very little traffic. Then again, the Venetian hotel rooms were easily the best sounding rooms I've ever heard at a show. And yet, catching an elevator to get up to the rooms usually took 15 minutes or so. But there were also tasty restaurants and a plethora of bars just steps away from the show rooms, so who can really complain. (shot from my hotel room above)

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