Vegas - Gini Systems

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by Josh Ray on January 19 '06

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A company after our own hearts, Gini Systems showcased two killer new iPod and computer hi-fi systems in Vegas. The system up top is the Audio Space Mini with a USB input direct into a tubed integrated with outboard power supply. Playing directly from a laptop, everyone who heard the system raved how great it sounded. A number of people told me, "you've got to check out the Gini room!" Tentative price is $1300 for the complete package.

That Big Brother iPod unit is a prototype rocking complete iPod integration. I'm told units will come in black and white with a price under $1000. Both the Audio Space and iPod-styled systems will go on sale in a couple months.

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I like the tube gear but wow, that's a little over the top isn't it? The iPod styling is just a bit cheesy I think.