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by Josh Ray on January 12 '06

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Brazilian dynamo Audiopax showed off a bevy of new gear this year. Audiopax, for those who don't know, won oodles of awards for their Model 88 monoblock amps. This year, Audio Pax shows off their new Ref 150 speaker (fully replaces the Ref 100) with an adjustable tweeter section (next page for close up). Range is 30-40k Hz, 92dB into 8 ohms. Price is $12,490.

On the next page you'll see something akin to heresy - solid state monoblocks from AudioPax. The Model 55s pump out 30 watts and go for $11,990 a pair. Also shown are the updated Model 98 mkII in an easier to manage chassis going for $14990 as well as the Model 5 limited edition preamp priced at $5,990.

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UPDATE: Ecosse provided the cabling for the Audiopax room(s). Their SM2.4 speaker cable goes for $1065/3 meter pair. Interconnects $1240/.8 meter pair, and Big Red power cord $495. The racks are by Audiostone and go for $1357 in wood or s smooth $4627 in stone.

Ces 2006 Rack + Amps

Audiostone Wooden Rack


Hey Josh Nothing in the CES2006 Show Report for one of the best sounding rooms at the show : ECOSSE-AUDIOSTONE????. Ecosse Reference Cables from the UK with the astonishing Norwegian Audiostone rack. Amplification and speakers by Audiopax. We were voted by MANY MANY people Best Sound at Show (ask Ed Meitner of EMM Labs, Mathieus co-owner from Avantgarde Speakers, Eduardo de Lima from Audiopax, - who stated our room sounded BETTER than his own!!!!; also Alvin Gold -respected UK reviewer- and most people who dropped by)-and complete with the man in the kilt!!!. If we send you some photos will you add them?
I must have missed your room - send me some pics and I'll stick them up!
Mr. Davis, Please have some consideration with Mr. Ray. He is already doing such a marvellous job, but is limited in time and space. Like we all are (?)