Vegas - AAA Audio and Tetra

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by Josh Ray on January 12 '06

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AAA Audio, importers of Chinese brands XLH, Original and Dussun, paired with Tetra for a killer demo. Above, Tetra's 306 loudspeaker garnered all kinds of strange looks and comments like: "the sound is coming from THAT?" And on and on. Yeah, it was really spooky how this little nubbin of a speaker produced so much music. Mated with a stable of reasonably priced Dussun equipment (pictures next page), this was definitely a fun room. No price on the Tetras or even if they'll see the light of day, for that matter, which would be a shame, considering how well they'd blend into my mid-century bach-pad.

On the next page is XLH's Hulkish Reference 1812 speakers at $50k next to smaller Tetras 405s. $25k XLH monoblocks provided 600 watts of juice while the $3k Original CD player did duty up top. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the Original remote. A silver hockey puck with a triangle of little buttons, it was definitely a remote for starting conversations (if there is such a thing).

I was told the giant XLH speakers as well as a number of other AAA products are in line for reviews. So keep an eye out for the goods from AAA Audio in the 'zines and, with the retail end tightening up, look for their gear in your local shop.

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