Turntable Roundup

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by Josh Ray on March 28 '06

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Ah, dry spells. Definitely very little happening in the high-end audio world right now so we thought we'd cover a handful of turntables from around the net. Probably the most interesting table to show up in recent memory is the Grand Prix Audio Monaco turntable. Priced at $16000, the Monaco follows in the footsteps of Grand Prix carbon fiber equipment racks and isolation platforms. The Monaco packs in more technology than you can shake a stick at so go read 6Moons' preliminary coverage of this race-inspired table.

 Images Gaia

Also new is the Gaia table from Metronome Technologie, the same company that came out with the $23k Kalista CD player claimed to make the shiny disc sound like wax. More acrylic than a public aquarium begins at $35k. Details at PFO.

 Images My301
A blast from the past, Japanese Shindo, known for their expensive tube amps, has taken the famous (to some) Garrard 301 turntable (last produced in the 70s) and given it a complete overhaul. Price is $20k and read the review over at American Wired for details on Shindo's conquest of America.


For about $2500 or so, you should check out what Terry Cain at Cain & Cain did with the Garrard 301... Terry sells the plinth on his website starting at $900: A little better than 20K...
you should also mention Baron Tim d.P's DiscMaster; Norma-Hylee-Tech's Concept 124; and Brinkmann Oasis/LaGrange/Balance... :)
Hey Danny, I agree on the Brinkmann Balance having not only glowingly reviewed it myself, but came within a hair of buying one. You should also be very careful about recommending plinths for 301s. There is a lot more that goes into making one work correctly than you might think. After all, if were that easy, people wouldn't have been spending the last fifty years trying to get it right. You can do a lot of things cheaply; very few of them all that well. As I also said in my 301 review, you can slap a 301 on lots of plinths (but not every plinth I might add) and get the general 'sense' of what a 301 does, but you sure as hell won't get what a 301 can do. you can get a lot of good 301 sound out of a modest plinth; and you can get a lot more with even better ones. I hope that doesn't surprise you.