Trade shows, here we come!

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by Josh Ray on January 05 '06

As most are aware, CES lands this week bringing with it all kinds of delicious electronic goodness. However, many are not aware that The Home Entertainment Show (THE Show) happens at the exact same time right next door.

What makes THE Show special is its heavy bias towards all things high-end audio. Unlike CES with its millions of little gadgets, THE Show is all about killer sound systems and cutting-edge sonic technology. THE Show is also the number one place to debut new gear so expect to see some interesting new products coming at ya.

We'll try to keep you updated as the shows progress but we can't promise anything other than a massive rundown next week with all kinds of pictures and juicy audio gossip. Naturally, expect blogging to be light for the next few days. Oh, and if you're attending CES/THE and happen to see a young guy with drool dripping down his chin, yeah, that's me, Josh Ray.


Cool site - found you off of sixmoons!
Hey, Donald, Thanks for the compliment! Hope you enjoy the site and let me know if there are any features or reviews you'd like to see.