Thor Audio on the Boob Tube

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by Josh Ray on December 30 '05

 Reg Tpa150

Hell has frozen over. Thor audio, a super esoteric manufacturer of obscenely expensive tube equipment, has gotten their products on Fox's "House" show. Starting January 24th, you'll be able to glimpse Thor preamps and amps in the humble abodes of Fox's thespians. Of course, none of the regular audience will know what the heck they're looking at, how it works or where to buy it, but, at the very least, the high-end is making some movement in the mainstream. The only remaining question is how Thor landed this gig. Very bizarre...
News via Enjoy the Music.


I think somebody at the show must be an audiophile. House can be seen listening to a nice looking SOTA turntable a few episodes.
Yes we have… The audio system (Thor, SOTA and Duevel) is located in his apartment. He is not there in every episode. However, FOX tells us that apartment shots will be much more prevalent this year and in general going forward. Like most shows, they shoot a few weeks ahead. The Art Dept. Coordinator called us the other day and said to start looking for our apartment/equipment shots beginning on these dates as they already have them “in the can”... Feb. 7, Feb. 14, Feb. 21, Mar. 7, Mar. 28, Apr. 4. with more going forward. The only rub is that it will always be the director’s final choice – do they go with a full room shot, just half of it, a quick pan as people walk, or (God forbid) only close-ups?! Fortunately, we have a “run of the show” contract with them, so we will be seen frequently over the life of the show, even if not in every apartment scene. With Hugh Laurie winning the Golden Globe and HOUSE already winning an Emmy, it looks like the show may run for some time. High-End Audio in general needs ALL the help and National exposure it can get. Toward that end, we intend to run with this as far as we can. One of our neighbors said that the first time that they see the system, they are going to immediately write TV Guide and ask “Hey - What was that COOL looking stereo system on HOUSE last night??” It goes without saying that I’m certainly NOT going to stop them from writing! Our line and phono preamps will probably be the most viewed as they and their power supplies are located directly behind his living room coach just above head level. They are in his bookcase on the shelf just above his records and turntable. So, anytime anyone is sitting on the couch (and shot from the front), they should be seen. As Hugh Laurie is reported to be an audiophile in real life (he also plays the piano), we have been invited to fly out this spring and bring a working system with us (the ones on the set are just static versions). They will make a room available for us and we will do an entire afternoon demo for the entire cast and crew. We have already invited Thor Audio’s customers/owners and personal friends who happen to be well-known “Hollywood” types to join us. I am really looking forward to it! High-End two-channel audio will have over 200 brand new people exposed to it in a single afternoon! They also all have money and friends!! That has to do our entire industry some good. Our LA retail dealer will also be present, as he says “just in case” (and has probably started putting that addition on his house). Regards, Paul Marks Owner Thor Audio