The Salvation of High-End Audio

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by Josh Ray on December 05 '05


Everyone, our prayers have been answered. Fender, in a move of selfless activism to connect hifi with the Hello Kitty generation, has released the Fender Hello Kitty guitar. This brilliant outreach marketing is a guiding light for us all, showing us the path to save our beloved little industry while making our day just a little bit brighter in the process.

And yet, while I should be glad a whole new generation of prepubescent American Idol-wannabes will get involved in the audio scene, I, for some reason, have an uncontrollable urge to wash down a bottle of Percocet with Jack Dan. I'm sure the feeling will pass...

Better hurry, the unbearable cuteness is a steal at $229 and is going fast. And while you're at it, go here for Fender Corporate's street address, go here for a surprisingly good deal on Charmin Ultra and go here if you want to vomit your eyes out.

And, of course, go here to let Zu know how much you want to see the Druid Hello Kitty Special Editions. Working together, we can follow Fender's lead and save high-end audio.

Trauma via Luxist

UPDATE: A small startup will be premiering their new "Sponge/Bob Speakers" at CES. From their press release: "Visit us at CES to experience the joy of our new Sponge/Bob Speakers! Based on the best-selling speaker to 10th graders and under, the S/B speakers are sure to be a hit from Palm Beach to that pineapple under the sea! Be there or be square...PANTS!"


Hey, I know a few punk Girrls who would really dig these!. Check out