The Only Portable Audio Player

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by Josh Ray on October 06 '06

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It's official: the iPod and Zune are finished. John DeVore's only portable audio player, the Audio-Technica "Mister Disc" is easily the greatest DAP ever created. Yeah, you have to carry a DJ bag with you where ever you go, but sacrifices must be made for audio of this caliber.

Cut Chemist (formerly of Jurassic 5) did a scratch routine with a "table" similar to this. He rolled onstage with this little pink TT hanging from a gold chain around his neck and proceeded to bust out some serious turntabilism. Don't ask me how it worked, but it was awesome.

The Mister Disc, also known as the "Sound Burger" (wtf, right?), was, not surprisingly, produced back in the 80s. It's belt driven and comes in many fruity colors which, obviously, Apple ripped off. Search eBay and you just may find one. Not sure if they come with the fuzzy, wax-sucking headphones, but I'm sure your AKG1000s are a good visual match. If you're in the market, mint Sound Mister Burger Discs usually go for about $300.

Read more about it here and be sure to watch this video(on left side) where the sales pitch is "no bigger than a man's shoe!" Words can't even describe...


Hey, this thing would mate perfectly with my K1000s. Now if I can only figure out some way to run my Pass Labs Aleph 3 off batteries, and then I'd have a perfect portable setup
Oh yeah, the K1000s do look goofy, but it's probably the best headphone I've heard outside of Sennheiser's Orpheus system.
Woudn't that be the best AAP?
sold my K1000 in favor of getting a pair of K701's... ;-)
@Danny: Interesting, I sold my K701s to get the K1000s, but I liked both of them, but I like the K1000s better.
Mmmm... the Aleph 3, there's a little sweetheart of an amp. Just imagine toting that around with a few car batteries.
Or a Dyna St-35 driving my old Stax Sigmas.
You want an SLA battery powered amp that works amazingly well with the K1000s? This is it: It is only 12" x 8" x 3" so I guess you can call it portable ;-) Here is a shootout with the FirstWatt F1 powering K1000s: DISCLAIMER: I am Vinnie of Red Wine Audio :-) I just couldn't resist posting this when I saw "Battery Power Amp" and "K1000" in the same post!
I actually remember this contraption. It was about as successful as the Accutrac.