Talon Audio Back in Action

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by Josh Ray on August 14 '06

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Talon Audio is back in action after disappearing off the radar screen and sending speculation through the audio world. Talon's previous website hadn't been updated since April 2004 which, in and of itself, isn't anything bizarre in audio. But given that it went black for the last 6 months, well, people started wondering just what was up in the house of ceramics.

Talon's new site has one very interesting detail under the brand name: "A Rives Audio Company." Rives is that acoustic treatment and room optimization company who recently demoed at HE2006 with two different rooms: one with treatment and one without. At HE2006, they paired up with Gryphon and Ultimate A/V (the retail store) while at CES Rives was with Talon. Seems Rives is now doing 40 acoustic treatment projects a month, so their literature claims.

Talon Audio came flying into the audio scene with colorful cabinets and ceramic drivers and were one of the first companies (along with Kharma) to use the wildly expensive Accuton ceramic and diamond drivers now seen in dozens of speakers. In fact, at CES this year, the number of speakers with Accuton drivers was a running joke and could have made for a great drinking game.

Talon also champions the folded transmission line cabinet, putting out big bass from smallish cabinets. When Talon's Raven and Firebird speakers came out, there was lots of talk of Talon vs Wilson. As with any new speaker in the $20k+ range, comparisons against Wilson are expected. And like Wilson, Talon polarized the industry with people either gushing about crisp sonics or screaming about bloody ears.

Of course, the biggest problem with being "the next hot thing" in audio is there's always someone after you. Not much press about Talon in the last few years or new products (other than diamond tweeters available as a $10k option), so we'll see just what Rives can do with Talon in their little audio family.

Correction: The number of Rives acoustical engineering projects is 40 a month, not year. To clarify, Rives provides acoustic engineering and design services and does not manufacturer or sell acoustic treatment products.

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