Preview: Bowers & Wilkins Z2 AirPlay / WiFi Hi-Fi

Z2 C4

The folks over at Bowers & Wilkins are busy.  Back in the day they launched the Zeppelin all-in-one iPhone/iPod premium portable Hi-Fi.  Having received tons of accolades over the years - who could beat the sound quality? - B&W does it again and recently launched the Z2 box which, considering it adds AirPlay and WiFi streaming (though the Zeppelin does that too now), becomes an even hotter SonicFlare recommendation.  Typically B&W impresses with trickle-down technology to capture your latest beat.  Let's see what happens, arriving sometime next week at SF headquarters for a full review.  Stay tuned.

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Congratulations Josh Ray!

Well, well, well… Looks like Josh has finally made good on his promise to conquer the Hi-Fi space… From all of us here at SonicFlare (naturally, that would be me, myself and I), we congratulate Josh on his new endeavor and wish him the best of success! If anyone is up for the task, it is Josh…

Stay tuned for more news on SonicFlare and the direction we will be taking…


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Vegas 08: NuForce Mini System

NuForce burst onto the scene a few years ago with their cool-running digital amps. In Vegas this year, NuForce showed a new complete mini system for the iPod and computer generations. At $399, the system features their digital amp technology, now in smurf power output running a pair of full-range single driver speakers.

The NuForce mini system belongs in the "Refined" category, but had some issues when trying to handle my demo disc. NuForce's main man admitted the product is still in the prototype stage and will, he says, feature better bass and overall improved sound. The system is clearly geared towards (or designed for) audiophile type music -- it handled my female vocal tracks fine but started to die a quick death on my rock and hip-hop tracks.

The system's issues weren't in the bass region, but when driven with serious dynamics, the mids to highs started breaking up and turning nasty and metallic. I've heard a handful of high-performance single driver full-range systems (in this price point and far more expensive) that can handle these kinds of dynamics, so it's not an issue with the size or type of the driver. If the wrinkles can be ironed out, the NuForce mini system could be a fantastic little product at $399. The speakers and amp can be purchased separately.

Big pics next page...



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