Newsflash: Schiit Audio announces nuclear powered GLO

Glo 04


Newsflash: Schiit Audio, America's premier headphone amplifier and digital to analog converter manufacturer, announces GLO.  A thermonuclear powered headphone amplifier that will literally blow your socks off: clean.  Wow.  This is amazing!!!  Here is the official read from Schiit.  Folks, you ain't going to believe this Schiit.

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RMAF: Soulution

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Soulution of Swiss fame and fortune (that's referring to the fortune you'll need to buy their products…) was on display with JMLab Grande Utopia's, showing off their capabilities in full force. Large scale dynamic rock or symphonic sounds presented no problem whatsoever for this combo, then again, at the price point, it shouldn't! The electronics alone, ie. amps, pre-, and disc player came in at a cool $200k...

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Newport 2011: Sonorous

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Another super hit from the show was from local electrostat expert and overall electronics super designer Arian Jansen: the 2011 Sonorus System, complete with speakers, pre-amp, amp and all-new tape deck.


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Newport 2011: MBL

IMG 5884MBL of omni-directional loudspeaker fame debuted their new "120" monitors ($21k+) with all MBL electronics.  Didn't have a chance to drop in my demo CD, but MBL is always an amazing listening experience regardless of music.  The paint finish and craftsmanship seem to be improved, with a new white high gloss option for their speakers and amps (pic next page).


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GamuT L-9 Super System $140k


SonicFlare Sonic Circle


GamuT takes the cake for the best Intense system at the show.  The new L-9 super speakers, at $114k a pair, are like big Mercedes AMG sedans.  Massive power, dynamics and styling that no one will mistake for anything but the very best hi-fi has to offer.  The entire GamuT system complete with GamuT's excellent solid state electronics runs a cool $140k.  So it's either a new Mercedes S65 or a GamuT system, your call.

GamuT's room was the biggest at the show and appropriate for the size of the speakers.  Other manufacturers tried to stuff massive boxes into tiny rooms with ill results, but GamuT did it right: big room for big speakers and lots of listening chairs for big audiences.

When I arrived, a woman (shocking, I know) was demoing a funky female tango track.  She had specifically run out to her car to grab her favorite music so she could put the GamuTs through the paces.  My stealthy eaves-dropping skills are a little rusty, but I did pick up that she is in the music recording biz and, most importantly, was interested in owning the Danish giants.

As for listening, GamuT's main man Lars Goller gladly accepted my CD and nodded approvingly in his subtle Danish way when my techno, hip-hop, rock and film tracks came on.  Despite the room's size, this was one of the few systems able to actually put out the huge bass energy from the NIN, Amon Tobin and Lord of the Rings tracks.  The mids and highs were the distinctive super crisp GamuT Intense-style sound.

Alas, I wasn't able to hear GamuT's lower priced system, but hopefully some SonicFlare exclusive coverage of these speakers is in the cards.  Hey, Lars, if you release lower-priced electronics, you know where to send them...


The GamuT L-9s feature entirely new custom drivers with wooden wenge dust cap coverings.  I've never seen anything like it and GamuT says they're a beast to manufacture but the results, with super low levels of distortion and power, are worth it.  Additionally, the midrange driver shares the same air volume as the bass drivers.  The tech reasoning behind this -- and how it's actually accomplished -- came too fast and furious for me to digest.  But with all the tech in these speakers and GamuT's growing fan base, expect to see these speakers gracing the covers of magazines and rock star living rooms everywhere. 

More pics next page...


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