Streaming Music… Drobo FS

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by Danny Kaey on August 25 '12

After a few months of waiting for HD prices to fall to reasonable levels - remember the flooding in Taiwan last year - I finally succumbed to my inner most desires and ordered 3 2TB Western Digital drives for my long overdue Drobo FS NAS.

So far, so good. After much research, I decided upon the Drobo NAS due to its simplistic, set it and forget it type setup and maintenance routine. Plug the drives inside the drive bay, install Drobo's SW on your Mac or PC, connect Drobo to network hub and voila, off you go. Brilliant. Simple. Easy! After Drobo configured the drives, I had a total of 3.4TB at my disposal, Drobo and the RAID 5 setup taking some overhead. Of course, the Drobo isn't the fastest NAS by any means: there are much, much faster options available, albeit, at far greater cost. In the end, for my purposes, ie. streaming music and Blu-ray rips (oh no!) across my house, this Drobo does just fine. So far, I have had no issues streaming 4 separate music sessions whilst watching a Blu-ray rip, all at the same time.

Highly recommended! A+++
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