Stereophile's Stephen Mejias Shouts Out SonicFlare

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by Josh Ray on October 31 '07

 Stephenmejias Bloghead.Stephenmejias

Who said there's no one hip in audiophilia? Stephen and I met a while back and instantly bonded over booth babes, modern music and our youth. I think our first conversation went something like, "Yo, you're not 80 years old!" "Neither are you!" "Yo!" "Yo!"

Stephen recently penned some kind words about the SonicFlare redesign here. Thank you, man, and everyone, be sure to check out his blog for the hippest voice at Stereophile. While you're there, make sure to scroll on down for a little hi-fi booth babe action. Yeah, cheerleaders and hi-fi are a taste sensation.

Speaking of audio smut, Stephen and I were recently talking about everyone's favorite SF article from this past CES, the Booth Babe Retrospective. Here's to hoping those booth babes make a reappearance. And, in the name of advancing audio, we'll bite the bullet and interview the CES babes to find out what floats their proverbial sonic boats (and, like gentlemen, compare notes afterwards). The things we do for you...

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One of the good things about audio babes like her is if she springs a leak you can use the silicone fluid to clean your records.... :-)
Natural acoustic treatment? Zing! (I could go on like this forever...)