Stereophile Image Galleries and Special HE2006 Discount

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by Josh Ray on April 19 '06

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And people wonder why audiophiles are single, hermitic men. Yes, folks, Stereophile has opened up its photo gallery section for audiophiles near and far to unzip their pants and show off their big audio rigs. Shown above is the command center of Stereophile Editor John Atkinson (who is neither single nor hermitic). Definitely interesting to see inside the homes of the movers and shakers. Check it out.

Below is what brings most people to CES every year: free booze. Indeed, the amount of drunken revelry brought back visions of my higher education. While I didn't see any keg stands, fist fights or public vomiting at CES, I do have high hopes for HE2006.

Speaking of HE2006, If you're interested in shaking things up at Stereophile's show come June 2-4 in Los Angeles, Stereophile has offered SonicFlare readers $5 off entry. Go to HE2006 to register and enter your special code "sonicflare" to get your 5 clam discount. HE2006 will have killer audio equipment, loads of alcohol and absolutely no single ladies. Ah, more visions of college.

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This could be you!

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Man, I have been pondering lately about whether or not I'd make it to HE2006. Then I saw the tub with tons of bottles and the words "free booze". I'm sold. :D I just wished more chicks were into this audio thing...
Name the guy sleeping on Barney, win a T-Shirt?
CES = Consumed Enough Sambuca?