Speaking of Woodie Micro-Amps...

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by Josh Ray on July 08 '05

 Sitebuilder Images Lotus Rear Angle-401X215-1

Following up the Audio Sector Patek, this is the Red Wine Lotus stereo amplifier. We posted about the Red Wine USB Select before and here is their micro-powered, macassar ebony-finished, digital amp contender, priced at $1199.

What's the difference between the Lotus and the Patek, you ask? Other than being one buck cheaper, well, like all Red Wine gear, the Lotus is battery powered. Also, its guts are based on the tripath chip. If you don't know about the tripath phenomenon, stick around and we'll post about it in a few days. The Patek is based on different digital technology and uses an outboard power supply...and, uh, doesn't have a cool, retro voltage meter on the front.

Who will reign king of the woodie micro-amps? Even money says 6Moons does a showdown and proclaims "they're both special in their own ways." Yeah, yeah...we want blood and guts!

Keep reading for an update from Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio.

 Sitebuilder Images Lotus Front2-384X224-2

UPDATE: Much thanks to Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine for clearing up a few details and providing us with some more information. First off, fixing a blunder: The Patek technically is not digital technology, as we claimed, but a chip-amp (now updated in the preview).

Now for the fun news: Red Wine Audio will be releasing their Lotus pre-amp sometime in August. With a matching enclosure and options for either a battery-powered phono stage or DAC, the Lotus pre-amp should be a winner. Naturally, we'll keep you updated when the new Lotus arrives.

And, if you live in Colorado or, say, within five states, you've got to check out the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest come Sept. 30th through Oct 2nd where Red Wine and Omega will be rocking their latest gear. Is it just me or is the RM Fest waaaay bigger than it's ever been? Go here to find out more and order tickets.

Red Wine Lotus Stereo Amp


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