Wilson Audio Alexx review @ PFO

Wilson does it again (and again, and again, and again…).  The company from Provo, Utah sure seems to be on a roll.  Announced in the 1st quarter of 2016, Alexx has effectively replaced the outgoing (and quite famous) MAXX Series 3.  Though I would not necessarily call it an outright replacement, Alexx is really an all new development that was born from 2+ years of R&D and countless prototypes being subjected to the Wilson typical listening tests.  Over at PFO, I penned and opined on Alexx in greater detail… Well worth a read even if this is merely a shameless repost!  Enjoy.


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TAD Evolution 1

Tad evo1

Stereophile's Kalman Rubinson penned the review of TAD's entry level speaker the Evolution 1 and he likes it.  Well, let's say he probably loves them, is the more appropriate word, given the accolades he's presenting in his review.  Measuring the shnaz's fidelity output was none other than Mr. Atkinson, who simply professed: "Kal concluded that the Evolution One is a "marvelous" loudspeaker. Its measured performance leads me to agree."

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Wilson Audio reel: The Guild

Say what you wish about Wilson Audio, these professionally produced videos show the value behind the brand. If investing your hard earned ca$h into a pair of speakers is of concern, you'd at least want to know where it goes… brilliant. Bring the story behind the story to the consumer and connect the dots for them. More manufacturers need to be doing this: show us your value. Side effects? None. Well done!

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Daryl & Dave Wilson on Alexia

Expertly produced video announcing all the goodies and stuff behind the scenes of the Wilson Audio Alexia. Alexia is billed as a speaker that fits in about the footprint of the Sasha, but with lots of technology borrowed and implemented from their more elaborate designs. Parked in the sub $50k price category, Alexia seems to fit the bill for those aspiring to have Wilson's best technology fit inside a smaller space. Having heard them at CES and a few other places over the past few months I have to say that the speaker appears to indeed be impressively engineered. Theres's something to be said about Wilson Audio… stay tuned for more.

PS: I dig these manufacturer video productions quite a bit: gives you the opportunity to hear it from the source directly. Clever!

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CES: Marten Coltrane Tenor

Marten, no stranger to launching fancy new speakers at CES, did it again. Their Coltrane Tenor is the latest addition that super speaker line, which dates back to 2005, when they launched the original super speaker, the Coltrane. Using Accuton's latest ceramic drivers and Leif Olofson's latest understanding and ideas around crossover design prove that he can do it and in fact does it again and again. Spectacular sound and definition, the Coltrane Tenor is an incredible value at a foot print that can be integrated into just about anyone's home. A+++!

Tenor 2

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Review: Earo Eight Loudspeakers

Earo eight 1


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Newport 2011: Audio Salon Magico + Spectral

Newport salon 1Maier Shadi is the man behind the exclusive appointment only Audio Salon in Los Angeles.  He's not a hi-fi dealer per se, more audio sommelier, connecting his clients with the best hi-fi has to offer.

At the show Maier was running Magico Q5 speakers with Spectral amplification (roughly a $110k system not including cables).  Pitch black speakers in a pitch black room -- while taking photos was close to impossible, the sound was impressive and turned many a jaded hi-fi fan the Magico direction.  And unlike many of the demos suffering from Big Speaker in a Tiny Room complex, Maier's room was both the right size for the speakers and featured custom acoustic treatment behind those curtains.  GIving such attention to the room is the mark of a true audio expert.


Update:  Maier wanted to express that his Audio Salon, while exclusive, doesn't exclude all but hardened audiophiles.  Even if you're new to the game and looking for an entry-level system, Maier is happy to give you the time of day (and a killer demo).  We discussed the typical jaded dealer experience and, in fact, when Maier was in his 20's, the frosty reception he received when visiting dealers inspired Maier to launch the Audio Salon.  I've met my share of terrible dealers and, let me say, Maier is a man who gets it.  Either make an appointment to visit his showroom in Santa Monica or have him come to your own abode for a personal demo.

Additionally, Maier wanted to shout out Art Noxon and Chris Klein of ASC for their acoustic design and use of their Tube traps.  Cabling by MIT.  Maier's team built a staggered wall hidden behind the curtains with over 120 lengths of 8ft 2x4's made up the 16 huge 6ft x 8ft shrouded walls.  Word is this acoustic room-in-a-room now resides at Maier's demo space.

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Newport 2011: Ayon + Lumen White

Newport ayon 1The Ayon demo with Lumen White speakers was incredibly fast, precise and just begging for a bigger room to really let loose.  Check out the pic next page for the speaker's incredible finish...


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Newport 2011: Earo

Newport earo 1Earo is bringing a world of tech to the single driver speaker game.  With built-in amplification, digital room correction and more, the Earo speakers performed tricks that make other full range backloaded horn speakers jealous.

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Newport 2011: YG Acoustics

Newport yg 1YG Acoustics demoed their Kipod speakers dressed in black on black with their new custom billet drivers.  Tenor provided the amplification for one pretty stellar demo setup.  Despite being in one of the larger rooms at the show, the YG exhibit was permanently packed with a line out the door.


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Newport 2011: MBL

IMG 5884MBL of omni-directional loudspeaker fame debuted their new "120" monitors ($21k+) with all MBL electronics.  Didn't have a chance to drop in my demo CD, but MBL is always an amazing listening experience regardless of music.  The paint finish and craftsmanship seem to be improved, with a new white high gloss option for their speakers and amps (pic next page).


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Newport 2011: Focal Giants

IMG 6022Focal Grand Utopia EM speakers in the Digital Ear of Orange County room.  Freakishly large, must be seen to be believed.


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Newport 2011: Marten and E.A.R.

IMG 6046


Marten with E.A.R. gear is a match made in heaven.  The Coltrane speakers, with their bevy of ceramic and diamond drivers, are perennial favorites.  The new Coltrane 2 speakers are sure to be an instant super-luxe classic.

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Analysis Omega Speaker Review by Robert Learner



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German Physiks & Vitus Listening Session



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