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Cables, cables, cables! We don't normally cover cables here at the 'Flare, but when there's a good story or bargain to be had, well, an exception can be made. Supra cable out of Sweden has been pushing the high end wire game since '76 but has had trouble breaking into the US market and "getting the recognition it deserves." Supra's family of wire ranges from the Classic speaker at $.80/foot to the Sword speaker at $867 for an 8ft pair.

Supra's man in the US is Tony of Tonian Labs. I've only known Supra through their bargain wire at places like Madisound and other DIY outlets -- at $.80 a foot, The Supra Classic is some of the cheapest "audiophile" wire out there. Tony told me that while Supra's light blue cable has almost cult status overseas and is found in everything from DIY projects to the insides of speakers and components, there have been almost no reviews of the Swedish legend here in the states. 5 stars from What Hi-Fi, Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi+, Hi-Fi World, Barely Legal Hi-Fi and others. But in the US? Nada.

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River Cable Flexygy 8

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River Cable has released their new flat Flexygy 8 speaker cables with a load of technology behind them. Don't know if the tech really does much, but those are definitely some nice looking banana plugs (no, they're not RCA). Prices start at $350 and $400 for 2 meters of either regular or bi-wire with either spades or bananas.

River Cable [via Enjoy the Music]

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PS Audio xStream Resolution cables

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"The xStream Audio Series of interconnects and loudspeaker cables are among the finest in the world at any price." (PS Audio)

PS Audio has released their new xStream Resolution line of speaker cables and interconnects and brought with it a whole lot of big talk. For those who own the last generation of Xstream cables, PS Audio is offering a trade-up program - turn in your old cables, get new ones 25% off. A pretty great policy more manufactures should get hip to. Of the Resolution series (which is their only series) there are two different classes: Reference or Transcendent with the only difference being the use of copper or silver inside (silver is more expensive and, naturally, better).

Check out our earlier post on the PS Audio UPC-200 for more about PS Audio and their power-conditioning history. They've also been making some very highly regarded cables, beginning with their Lab series, followed up by the xSteams and now the Resolutions. Prices start at $180 and $400 for 1 meter RCA of either the Reference or Transcendent respectively. $750 will get you 2.5 meters of Reference speaker. Check out their site for the rest of the price options, ordering info and a whole lot of hyperbole.

PS Audio xStream Resolution Cables

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Review: Anti-Cable Speaker Cables

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We haven't yet posted any reviews of cables, so we thought what better way to start off the sickness that is cable buying with a pair of cables (yes, their name is Anti-Cable) that gets Fown Ming-Tien of Positive Feedback to wildly exclaim:

"They are a genuine steal! They would be a gargantuan value at twice the price. I recommend that you try them, even if you are not in the market for speaker cables. It's not often that I encounter a diamond in the rough that glitters so brightly."

With a review like that, how could you not try them? And their price, you ask? $10 a foot. Yup, pretty cheap. And for those who don't believe cables make an smidge of difference, well, buy the suckers, stick them in your system and then tell us with a straight face that the plastic dental floss you used to run your system on is better.

Anti-Cable Speaker Cable Review [Positive Feedback]
Anti-Cable Home

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