SonicFlare Reborn

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by Josh Ray on October 25 '07

sf3nextgen1.jpgHello, everyone!  Josh here.  I'm permanently back from the real world to usher in the next stage of SonicFlare.  Where the old SonicFlare was designed to test the waters and advocate a unique angle in hi-fi, the new SonicFlare is a lean, mean marketing machine to reposition hi-fi as a hip, exciting industry and convert the iPodders and mass consumers into next-gen audiophiles (and, naturally, provide a home for all you hip hi-fi fans).  It’s a tall order, I know, but with hard work and community support I believe it can be done.
I’d like to thank Sandy Greene, Robert Learner, Danny Kaey and Ragan Mena for holding down the fort while I was gone.  Also, thank you to everyone who has supported SF and spread the hi-fi 2.0 word.  Feel free to send me your thoughts, comments or news using the “contact” link above.  And if you’ve sent me mail in the past and I didn’t respond, I apologize, there have been logistical, technical and spamological issues (which are now a thing of the past).  Please resend your email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
The new content and site changes will take a few days to get fully up and running, but if you see funky links or graphics, let me know.  Also, we have many exciting features coming in the future to help fight the cause and we’d love your support in changing this industry for the better.  If you have any thoughts, suggestions or rants, send them our way.
Josh Ray


None of the links in Get Hip or Latest features seem to work... they just reload the page.
Hi Jan, Thanks for checking it out -- the new content will be up shortly. Our incredibly in-depth RMAF coverage and analysis will be updated over the next few weeks as well, so keep an eye out.
Excellent! Welcome back Josh, it's been (way) too long since our little neck-of-the-woods has rung-out with your voice. We missed you--Cheers!
Welcome back. I was shocked when my RSS Reader flagged new stories. When I saw they were by Josh I nearly fainted. Good Luck and I like the new look.
Hey John, thanks for the kind words -- I'm glad to be back and shaking things up :) Fred, no fainting at SonicFlare. And keep your RSS reader open, there's going to be a lot of new, fun material coming your way.