SonicFlare Co-Op - Power in Numbers!

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by Josh Ray on December 27 '07


SonicFlare is pleased to announce the next stage of hi-fi journalism, the SonicFlare Co-Op. SonicFlare’s goal is to take hi-fi to the masses and we’re looking for experienced writers to join the SonicFlare team.

Unlike traditional hi-fi publications, the SonicFlare Co-Op is, as the name implies, a group revenue-sharing system. Additionally, unlike publications that pay their writers only a fraction of the overall site profits (if anything at all), SonicFlare writers receive revenue commensurate with their efforts.

Simply, the more one writes, the more one earns. Profits are pooled and, once a month, divided between the writers based on their participation. It’s simple, it’s successful and it’s fair.

Additionally, as the SonicFlare Co-Op grows, the bigger the site grows and, naturally, the more everyone earns. As a SonicFlare writer, you’re part of the team and invested in expanding the site and advancing hi-fi. Our goal is to become the largest next-gen hi-fi publication and, most importantly, put amazing audio systems in Average Joes’ homes everywhere.

So contact us to find out how you can get involved. SonicFlare reviews are unlike typical hi-fi reviews and we have many new and exciting projects in the works that will revolutionize the industry. We live on the cutting edge and are looking for writers with a passion for advancing audio.

Qualifications for writing:
-Published reviews at another publication OR a solid writing sample.
-Experience of the hi-fi industry and a wide range of equipment.
-No financial connections to manufacturers or dealers.

We are also looking for writers with experience in headphones, vinyl, DIY, automotive sound, home theater, computer audio and more.

We look forward to hearing from you. Together, we can take hi-fi to the next generation!


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