SonicFlare 2.0

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by Josh Ray on May 31 '06

Welcome to the new SonicFlare! Props to Beto and everyone who contributed to the redesign. The new threads should serve us well as we reveal new features and cool content in the coming months to help push the hi-fi revolution. If you notice any site gremlins, let us know. Otherwise, see ya in a bit with our HE2006 coverage!


I don't know if you consider it a "gremlin" or a "feature" but I really don't like the lack of margins. On my end, using Firefox, text is butted right up against the extreme left egde of the screen and can extend all the way to the right edge. And on the Comments page, even the graphics are slammed hard left. se
Putting the search box + archives + nav links in the bottom of the sidebar isn't exactly user friendly, I think. I understand the need to make some cash from the ads (I run a site too..) but it's not like the nav staff takes too much space to be put on top...
What was a clean and elegent design before now looks cramped and tacky. I really suggest you reevaluate the changes.
It was much easier to read and a better interface before. I also think it is cramped now. Simpler is always better.
Ditto to the two previous comments. I liked the previous design much better.
Thanks for the comments. The margins are an issue and the ultimate placement of the search box, categories and ads is all in flux as new content is put into place. Searching and archives will be moved to the top shortly. The actual content area is about 20px larger than the previous one, but wide ads make a lot more sense with today's screen sizes than the "old school" narrow blogs, imo. Appreciate the thoughts, though. Interestingly, the private emails have been extremely positive on the new design, but let me know if you have any further ideas/issues. The site is made to be flexible from here on out so we can keep updating and adapting to new content and styles.
Perhaps it was a rendering issue but the design *today* is much much better then it was yesterday. The sidebar on the left is too wide and I have to scroll left and right to view the page (my work monitor is limited to 1024x). I would recommend putting the search tools and buttons at the top above the adverts, and removing the second column (subscribe, the mission). That way you could shrink the width of the sidebar and those using a lower resolution can read all the content. Everything else looks great now.
That looks much better. Though personally I'd prefer the blog text on the left and the ads on the right. se