Wilson Audio Alexx review @ PFO

Wilson does it again (and again, and again, and again…).  The company from Provo, Utah sure seems to be on a roll.  Announced in the 1st quarter of 2016, Alexx has effectively replaced the outgoing (and quite famous) MAXX Series 3.  Though I would not necessarily call it an outright replacement, Alexx is really an all new development that was born from 2+ years of R&D and countless prototypes being subjected to the Wilson typical listening tests.  Over at PFO, I penned and opined on Alexx in greater detail… Well worth a read even if this is merely a shameless repost!  Enjoy.


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YG Acoustics at Newport 2015

The problem with hosting your own room and hospitality suite is that you just don’t get around too much - even as Eric Johnson was helping as eMCe, I simply didn’t have the time to go to all the rooms I had planned to cover as part of the show.  Alas, I did make it to a few: YG Acoustics was playing several systems, one featuring the big Sonja 1.3 and a smaller system playing the Carmel 2 loudspeaker.  Each had their own unique sound; each embodied YG’s philosophy of speed, accuracy and dynamic agility.  Of course, the Sonja 1.3 setup held its own with life-sized imaging, dynamics and overall gestalt.  Having seen the power of Arian Jansen’s SonoruS Proximity Bass Control System in action (in several rooms at the show and of course in my own digs at the show and at home), I would almost say it’s a prerequisite for any system, show or not.  Did I mention that crooner Dean Martin's Dream with Dean, (DKs inspired Chad Kassem reissue project available here), was playing in just about every room?  Needless to say, the record sold out in an instant.  Well done!

(YG Sonja 1.3 courtesy of GTT Audio’s Bill Parish; YG Carmel 2 courtesy of Alma Audio and Video, La Jolla CA)



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Review: Nordost "System", QB8, Qx4, Qv2 and Norse 2

Tyr2 Spk Ban rgb

Nordost… not much needs to be said about this cultbrand. Launched by affable Joe Reynolds back in 1991 (!), Nordost had become one of, if not the most respected brands of high performance Hi-Fi cables. Recently all cables have been upgraded to Version 2 (V2) status, prompting a delivery of the entire ensemble at casa K for review. Link to full review at Postive-Feedback Online is here, and a German version will be available at my other home away from home, Hifistatement shortly as well. Meanwhile, enjoy a few snippets and all the gorgeous hi-res images. Drool factor 4. A+++


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Preview: 2013 Maserati Quattroporte with Bowers & Wilkins Hi-Fi

Component a1

Maserati is synonymous with style, sportiness and that special italian thing.  The only automotive brand to sport a trident, Maserati captured the hearts and minds of many a car collector.  Unlike Ferrari, Maserati never focused on the extreme performance category of automobiles, rather, it was coupes, GTs and 4-door saloons that made the marque famous.  Since Maserati's relaunch in the US market in the 2000's, lots has changed.  The old BITURBO moniker that plagued the brand in the 80's has now been replaced with quality, reputation and solid branding, all courtesy of Ferrari's ownership of the brand.


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Preview: Sony 4K 65" XBR TV

Sonyx900 1l

It didn't take long for Sony's pre-announced pre-announcement to finally hit an April 21 launch date.  If you haven't seen or heard, Sony was among the leaders of Blu-ray and now is looking to replicate the same with 4K hardware and software.  Having witnessed the tremendous clarity and stupendous resolving power of native 4K content at CES a few months ago, I am most impressed.  What's even more pressing is the fact that the 65" model will only ring you up a buck shy of $7k.  Now that's impressive (the 55" model goes on sale, same day, for $4999).  Stay tuned.

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Review: 2013 Aston Martin DB9 avec BeoSound

2013 Aston Martin DB9 2

Well, well, well… it's about that time to dive back into the things we love the most: fancy cars.  The circle of cars evoking such caption as Aston Martin's latest all new for 2013 DB 9 are far and few between.  Yet, somehow, each model generation that AM produces somehow seems to significantly enhance that experience that much more.  Such is the case with the all new for 2013, DB9, which has taken on cues from the previous top line model, the venerable DBS and now sits just right beside the brand's ultimate crown jewels, the even more awesome Vanquish.  The DB9 is, of course (anything else would in fact be utterly uncivilized, unless it was powered by AM's own V8) powered by the company's tried and true V12 petrol engine, churning out more than enough stallion power to drive you from point A to B.  Alas, that is merely half - a third? - the story as it isn't so much about sheer power, rather, the confluence of how it all gets together that is oh so mesmerizingly captivating.  It is after all, billed as the "world's most timeless, elegant sports grand tourer", a distinction that it carries with grace, might I add.


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Newsflash: SonicFlare announces rebranding

Los Angeles, 4/1/2213

Newsflash: SonicFlare, America's premier lifestyle publication, announces a complete media makeover.  SonicFlare will launch its own TV and Film series, shot with RED camera's latest 10K resolution camera, enabling us to capture the most infinitesimally small sonic artifacts present in most high-fidelity recordings.  As an added bonus, SonicFlare's latest foray into Hollywood will enable our customer to experience down sampled content on Sony's latest Playstation 5, fully capable of streaming 8K content at 12 frames per second.  "This will be huge; never before in the history of audio and lifestyle publications, has anyone gone this far into unchartered territory." Danny Kaey, Editor-some-Times.  Current SonicFlare readers will simply have to purchase the latest decoding computer systems and will be ready to rock it right about now.  This will be fun!  A+++.

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Daryl & Dave Wilson on Alexia

Expertly produced video announcing all the goodies and stuff behind the scenes of the Wilson Audio Alexia. Alexia is billed as a speaker that fits in about the footprint of the Sasha, but with lots of technology borrowed and implemented from their more elaborate designs. Parked in the sub $50k price category, Alexia seems to fit the bill for those aspiring to have Wilson's best technology fit inside a smaller space. Having heard them at CES and a few other places over the past few months I have to say that the speaker appears to indeed be impressively engineered. Theres's something to be said about Wilson Audio… stay tuned for more.

PS: I dig these manufacturer video productions quite a bit: gives you the opportunity to hear it from the source directly. Clever!

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Preview: 2013 Aston Martin DB9 avec B&O Hi-Fi

2013 aston martin db9 revealed photo gallery 12

Preview alert:  here we go again; the team at SF, i.e. me, myself and I, have been busy driving the all new 2013 Aston Martin DB9 across the greater Los Angelean empire… Amazing doesn't quite capture it.  Stay tuned for more beef on the bone, aka. the full monty, including the astounding Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fi.

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Preview: 2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS

Large Image  optional

Arriving soon @ SonicFlare headquarters is the 2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS. Avec Burmester Hi-Fi. Now there's a killer teutonic combo. Porsche of course has been raking up sales time and again with their model expansion of the last few years. Great cars, terrific German engineering, amazing power and grace, heart, what else do you want? At long last, Porsche and Germany's Burmester Audio Systeme, entered into cooperation and thus any 2013 Porsche can now be outfitted avec that Burmester system. Crazy. Killer. Chiller. More! Personally I believe this to be the single biggest driver to high-end audio, perhaps even more so than the latest fashion Hi-Fi, aka. Dr. Dre Beats, etc. Added bonus? You get a killer car to boot. Stay tuned, review forthcoming.

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CES: Nordost

Nordost is always up to great demos during shows and this year's CES was obviously no different. Their latest and greatest warez out on display, Nordost is one of those sure bets in high end audio. While others claim all sorts of gizmos and gadgets, Nordost is legit. That's it!

IMG 5039

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CES: Kuzma 4-Point

Kuzma, no stranger to the world of analog, was showing off their latest and greatest, including the much discussed and coveted 4-Point tonearm. It is essentially a clever interpretation of both a unipivot and gimbaled bearing tonearm design, aimed to reduce the side effects of either system. Clever I say, clever. Radical certainly popped into my mind… $6500, A+++!

4point front

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CES: Tech DAS Air Force One 'table

Tech DAS, otherwise known as the ex-CEO of Micro Seiki, used the backdrop of CES 2013 to launch the Air Force One super 'table system. Vacuum hold-down, air bearing and super precise speed / motor control afforded listeners with a most incredible soundstage and imaging that was simply astounding. Distributed in the US exclusively by Bob Graham of Graham engineering, aka. Phantom tonearm, it sure is a looker. PS: HRS made super platter is standard of course. Absolute Killer!

Air Force One with Phantom and HRS base

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CES: Playback Designs IMS

Playback Designs killed it yet again at CES 2013. Launching their often rumored "super integrated" amplifier, the IMS - Integrated Music System - Andreas Koch and Jonathan Tinn once again showed how its done. Like in years past, Andreas Koch showed his genius (he is the man behind today's DSD resurgence and efforts to standardize the industry behind it) by offering up an all-in-one integrated amplifier / DAC solution that has no equal. All you need is a pair of loudspeakers and you are set, quite literally. $11k screams affordability considering you get a world class integrated amplifier with 3 analog inputs and a built in USB DSD / Double-DSD DAC that will make your music shine. Wow. That's right!

IMG 4993

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CES: Wolf Cinema SDC-15

Wolf Cinema's SDC-15, aka, "Grey Wolf" was - for me - the CES show stopper. For $8k, it bladed the accompanying Stewart 11 foot screen with such incredibly vivid, lifelike and hyper dynamic colors and blacks that my heart literally skipped one, nay, four beats. Stunning clarity on 1080p, Grey Wolf afforded you with an incredible home cinema experience that has to be seen. Stunning and compared to a decade ago, actually almost affordable. A+++

SDC15 Front

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