seen and heard @ CES, part III

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by Danny Kaey on January 28 '08


... is always up to good sound.  Kudos to these hard working guys from Colorado for making each show filled with great tunes.  Beautifully made components with sound engineering and good old fashioned business practice - a recipe for success!

Cary Audio

Dennis Had literally created Cary Audio on his dining room table.  He fondly recalls the story of his first CES when he walked away with a whole lot more business than he ever imagined possible.  These days, Cary has become synonymous with quality tube gear and a very successful cinema line of components.  Dennis, here's to lots more fun and action! 

Luxman, Vivid & Weiss

Having recently jumped on board with the Luxman and Vivid lines of electronics and loudspeakers, Philip O'Hanlon
Luxman Vivid.jpghas his hands full after CES.  Dealers and customers 
alike were extremely excited about these new lines, what with all the international accolades they have received throughout the years.  Luxman, the oldest marketed production audio brand (1925!) has a full line of solidstate and tube electronics; Vivid, is a fairly new South African company headed up by none other than Lawrence Dickie, who a decade ago set the audio world on fire with his B&W Nautilus creation.  Looks like we will be hearing tons more from these guys!  Weiss digital also has something really cool coming up: think digital hub for under $5k!

E.A.R. and Marten

Tim de Paravicini is always up for something clever, this year is no different: rumor has it he is hard at work on a cool new digital hub and some good old fashioned analog tape love... Tim's brilliance in engineering is truly amazing; I doubt that there are more than a handful of people who know more about analog and tapes in particular.  The Acute CD player is already a hit with audiophiles... let's see what Tim will cook up next.  The Marten guys meanwhile introduced their new Form series of (less) expensive loudspeakers.  Sound wise these are superb, we are already in line for a review pair!


John Quick has to be the most prepared man at any show: no question goes unanswered, no request for help denied.  Nagra of course, is Swiss craftsmanship at its finest.  The only other line that comes to mind with such obsessive attention to detail and execution is Brinkmann from Germany.  Nagra was of course on display with none other than Verity Audio - what a dynamite combo!  Music was smooth, relaxed and very analog sounding.  Audrey Morris never sounded better!


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